Sunday, 10 June 2012


My blog is a place to offload my mind. A release where I can be free.

My story has no beginning and no end. I can however give you some background info. I was born into life and here I am like us all. I first started blogging as Mother4Justice.
It came about when my eldest son disclosed 16 years of child abuse to me. Within time I learnt my youngest was also abused.

 I started blogging in the hope of making sense of what had happened to my children and supporting them as they tried to bring their abuser to Justice.  After over 2 years waiting for a trail date, over 7 preliminary hearings,  their abuser was given an 18 month Suspended Sentence For Assault and never prosecuted for the emotional and sexual abuse that he put my children through.  These charges were withdrawn not dropped, according to the Procurator Fiscal we should take some comfort in that.

Here we are, at the aftermath of our so called Justice System....I hope all involved will forever hang their heads in shame !

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