Monday, 11 June 2012


Disclosing abuse is the hardest thing a child can do. Especially when for years they are brainwashed into believing it was their fault, they made him do it, I made him do it he once told me, at that time I never knew what he was talking about but he thought I had found out. The abuser will do all in his/her power to avoid accepting responsibility for his/her actions. All blame is put upon the abused, still to this day in court a child can be accused of enticement. I wonder sometimes how far have we have actually come...and always its not far enough.

Reality is abuse exists. It has existed in its many forms since the human race has been around yet again and again we fail to stop it. It is the human races biggest shame and biggest secret. Silencing the true reality of abuse is what feeds it. Yet even when the silence is broken it is an impossible task for most to get justice.

I worry what message we send our children, our future. Every day thousands of children are abused because there is no deterrent.


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